Music Examples

All of the following were entirely recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Hill at 3Sixtystudios unless otherwise indicated.  Matt Hill is our in-house engineer.  If you’re interested in working with one of the other engineers then let us know when you make the booking and we’ll do our best to arrange that for you.


Englar – Neon Lightning

Mixed by Matt Hill at 3Sixtystudios


Hollybush by Charmed Life

Recorded mixed and mastered by Matt Hill at 3Sixtystudios

Stolen Moments – Tom Sochas Quartet

Recorded by Matt Hill, mixed by Tom Sochas

The Other Ones – Perfect Girl, Normal Boy EP
released Sept 2017


This Alien Planet – Tramadol and Oxygen (demo)

Nama Ray – Never Told You
Recorded and Mixed at 3sixty Studios by Matt Hill

Tony Black and the Collectors – North Esplanade West

Tony Black – North Esplanade West from his self released album One Less Thing to Carry


Salwa Azar – Black feather wooden chair  released in 2015


Andy Rudd – If the Years are Kind  recorded by Fraser Smith at 3Sixty Studios


Paintings of Ships – English Weather  released 2012


Pete Mercer – Black Diamond  Recorded by Fraser Smith at 3Sixty Studios
Pete Mercer – Black Diamond

Zage Featuring Ekatherina April – Summer Rain Vocals  recorded by Matt Hill at 3sixty Studios.  Vocal post production by Vinyl Studio Produced and mixed by Zage


Catherine Ashby – Umbrellas 2012


Ghosts Of December – Cherry Red Wine


Dog Almighty – Already There Recorded by Fraser Smith at 3Sixty Studios


Drugstore – Aquamarine Mixed at 3Sixty studios, released 2011


1.9:2 – Gifts of Christmas  release Christmas 2015


Salwa Azar – Glorybox (Portishead cover) recorded live at the studio and released on Youtube

Recording Studio, Willesden, London