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Absolutely amazing studio. The quality that comes out of the recording microphones it’s incredible. I would recommend this studio to industry professionals and also to those who are starting out in their music career 2000px-5_stars-svg


I know Matt from when he did some live sound engineering for a band I was in. I recorded drums for my album at 3Sixty Studio with him as engineer. What a nice day we had. He had a great setup. Comfy environment. He really knows how to get a good set of trackings for drums. He gave me guidance as we went so that I had notes for mixing afterwards. He had things setup before so we didn’t have to spend hours faffing around before getting going. Being a drummer he really led the session smoothly. I would highly recommend and look forward to coming back for some more recording in the future

Erin Murray Quinlan  Wonderful studio, and a real bang for your buck. Matt was extremely knowledgeable, and our turnaround was very quick thanks to his expertise. We walked away with a high quality recording. Great experience, will definitely be back!2000px-5_stars-svg

Allen Sproule I paid for four hours in the studio for my boyfriend to record his rap songs, I was super pleased with the finished song they sound so professional and these prices you’d be a fool not to go here to record your music. Matt is also a very pleasant and helpful man and was committed to making my partners songs sound the best. Keep it up Matt and we hope to see you again soon. 2000px-5_stars-svg

Tony Black A fantastic studio with a professional but relaxed and creative sound engineer. Can’t recommend it highly enough! 2000px-5_stars-svg

OSAMA ALQURASHI What makes this studio so unique is the sound engineer. The fact that he is also a musician adds so much more to the quality of the recording session. He is also extremely knowledgable, and highly professional. I strongly recommend this studio.  2000px-5_stars-svg

Catherine Wilson What a cracking place. A great studio to make yours for a weekend recording an album! It’s so close to the tube which is great if you can’t travel by car. The engineer Matt is a legend, friendly, helpful and always with a freshly boiled kettle! He plays drums and guitar in bands and does the sound at gig venues so he really knows his onions. All the suggestions he made for my music really enhanced it. We ended up with a high quality production after an efficient recording session and Matt took a lot of time and care with the production and mixing. I will be back! 2000px-5_stars-svg

Adam Gelman Top notch studio! 2000px-5_stars-svg

Recording Studio, Willesden, London