31.03.2017 – We’ve just taken delivery of a Beyerdynamic M201 which apparently sounds great on drums and guitars. Steve Albini describes it as “what an SM57 would sound like if it were a microphone”. Quite.



11.07.2016 – The Simple and the few, the new single from Winspear and William is  out now.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at 3Sixty studios.  Give it a spin.  We also recorded their last single This is a Hold up

11.07.2016 – Poseideon Sea by Salwa Azar was played by Tom Robison on BBC Introducing last night / this morning.  It’s taken from Salwa’s album Black Feather Wooden Chair which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Hill at 3Sixty Studios mkI.  Give the whole album listen, it’s great.

Recording Studio, Willesden, London