Bands – we have all the facilities to record bands of any genre from metal to folk with the option of recording each instrument separately or tracking the band playing live.

Ensembles – from gospel choirs to ukulele orchestras, we can record you playing together in a manner to which you are accustomed.

Solo artists – many singer songwriters have used the studio to make a high quality recording of their live performance or a fully fleshed out album.  As well as a great guitar and vocal sound we have a load of extra instruments including percussion, piano, glock, electric and bass guitar.

Vocalists – many vocalists who record in the field of hip hop, EDM and trance use the studio to record vocals.  Turn up with a backing track on a CD or USB stick and get a great quality vocal recording.  We can then do vocal treatment, mixing and mastering at the studio or you can take the raw audio files away with you to mix and master yourself or to give to a producer.

Re-amping – Do you record at home?  Do you like the sound of a Marshall stack turned up to 11?  Do you have neighbours who enjoy peace and quiet?  Plug your guitar into your audio interface and record your parts then bring the tracks to 3sixty and we’ll re-amp them for you using a dedicated re-amping box.  You can either bring your own amp or chose from our selection.  We’ll then record your DI’d signal played through an amp.


we have a full soundproof acoustically treated voiceover booth and a top of the range microphones and pre amps which enable us to record crystal clear, pleasant sounding voiceovers.  We have a high quality Skype link direct from the VO artist’s mic so clients can listen in and direct VO artists and give direction without having to travel to the studio. Present and former clients include Midshapes, Mother Tongue Writers and the BBC.

 If you have an audio file with an annoying hum on it we can clean up your audio for you.  This ranges from a demo you recorded of your postpunk/reggae band from 1985 to a wedding video where the person filming it sat too close to the Aircon.
Also if you have an old recording on audio tape or DAT we can digitise it and write it to CD or MP3 for you.  For more obscure technologies get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.  If you have a device that can play the thing then we should be able to digitise it.

This can be done remotely so no need to travel to the studio if you prefer not to.

We have the latest Waves and IK multimedia mastering software and an acoustically treated control room in which to master.  Again this can be done without  you travelling to the studio.

The studio is available for hire by freelance engineers and producers to engineer and produce their own sessions.  As you will not be requiring one of our engineers then we can offer big discounts on this (get in touch for a quote).  If you choose dry hire then one of our engineers will come at the beginning of the session and help set up and make sure you know how everything works.

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  1. I pad for four hours in the studio for my boyfriend to record his rap songs, I was super pleased with the finished song they sound so professional and these prices you’d be a fool not to go here to record your music. Matt is also a very pleasant and helpful man and was committed to making my partners songs sound the best. Keep it up Matt and we hope to see you again soon.

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